Poinsettias for Christmas Ambience

The Poinsettia is the Yule-tide flower.
Christmas decorating is made easy with our wooden poinsettias. Choose from one of the pre-arranged bouquets we offer, or make up your own arrangement of poinsettias by ordering from the two sizes. An arrangement of flowers always looks best in odd numbers, for example in threes, fives or seven. Don't forget to add some leaves to complete your bouquet.
Maintenance-free flowers that last forever!

Bouquet of 5 Poinsettias
Add holiday spirit with a bouquet of five handmade poinsettias. Bouquet is 16" tall.     $22.50
Two Santas
Two Santas and tealight candle.
Seize: 5" x 3" x 3 1/2" tall   $10.90
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for your holiday decoration.
Make up your own
Christmas bouquet!

Handpainted Poinsettia
3 3/4 inch dia.   $4.50

Poinsettia leaf
Matching leaf   $1.50